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Does anyone wear their Fitbit while playing basketball? I'd love to get the heart rate and calorie burning data recorded, but since my hands/wrists get "slapped" a lot, I'm thinking I should take it off or risk having it broken - which I doubt would be covered by the warranty. :manhappy:

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I wear my flex in the hot tub. That thing can handle anything. 2. level 1. gnarsed. 4 years ago. i play basketball with it and see a bunch of other people do it too. it doesn't seem to do a great job of measuring the heart rate. you can also whack people with it unintentionally. 2. level 1.

Best Fitness Tracker for Basketball [2021]

The structure is quite durable for use in basketball training. The bands are made of quality elastic material alongside the jaws made of stainless steel. The machinery’s waterproof nature allows the users to wear the band when they are playing during the rainy season. Alarm and notification. You can check the notifications received by your phone.

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I wear my fitbit while playing lacrosse. Luckily my gloves cover it perfectly so there is a slim chance of it getting hit. I average about 4k steps in a game which consists of two 20 minute halves. I play attack mostly with some midfield so when the ball is on defense I am just standing at midline.

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Just like you wouldn't wear a watch to play basketball or volley ball you probably wouldn't want to wear a fitbit. 2. Share. Report Save. level 1

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level 1. ben_v3. · 6y. Apple Watch. While I don't play basketball I probably would wear mine for this particular sport. Unfortunately for me my sport is ice hockey and my position goalie. So there's not a chance in hell I'm wearing my watch while playing. 4. level 2.

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I wouldn't wear it during basketball. If someone gets their finger stuck it between your wrist and the band either the band will snap making the watch go flying or they will break their finger. I tried wearing a nike fuel band while playing pickup basketball and that exact thing happened when someone reached for a steal and the band flung ...

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May 18, 2015. #6. I have wondered the same thing. I play ball about 3/4 times a week. I usually use a fitbit to track steps. I am a little worried the watch will get in the way. The fitbit tends to get pulled off from time to time. I will definitely give it a go with the apple watch though. ----------.

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With an always-on color touch screen, a sleeker design, and new health tracking features, the Charge 5 is a significant upgrade over the previous model and Fitbit's best fitness tracker yet. US ...