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What makes a good Opposite Hitter in volleyball? Height tends to help an opposite hitter because they will be blocking quite a bit, but it’s not required. Sometimes another advantage that an opposite can have is being left-handed because the angle is a lot better on the right side if you’re hitting with your left hand instead of your right.

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Learn how to spike a volleyball from the right side (opposite hitter / attacker) by learning about proper spacing with the ball, how to position your body an...

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Six Tips to Shine as an Outside Hitter. The outside hitter must prioritise development in all areas as they require elite skills in every part of the game. Here are six tips to separate the great outside hitter from the rest… 1. Always be Super High Energy. The outside hitter must learn to be a human spring of sorts…

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Watches to see where the hitters are going and to be ready to help out with blocking a shoot set to the middle or an "X" play. Sets the block on the outside hitter so the middle can close to you; Is prepared to set the dig if it comes quickly and your setter cannot get there. Covers your hitter if you do not get the set.

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The opposite hitter also needs to possess solid jumping skills. Opposite hitters must be able to hit the ball from the front and back rows. They also need to be ready to set the ball if the setter cannot do it. Defensively, they line up against the opponent’s outside hitter and need to be able to work with the middle blocker on blocks.

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Opposites need to have great blocking skills since they play against the opposite hitter of the opponent or opponent's outside hitter when in the front row. Opposites also need to have defensive skills because they also play the back row where they are responsible of hitting 3 meter or 10 feet balls from the right back position.

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An opposite hitter, also know as a right-side hitter, is considered the most versatile because they can excel on offense and defense. They will not only hit the ball from the front and back row but also dig for quick attacks and set the ball if the setter is unable to do it. During defense, they will also help on blocks with the middle blocker. Middle Blocker/Hitter:

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Hip rotation starts the action, then the body follows and pulls the elbow forward. Your hand trails your elbow and you bend at the elbow, causing your forearm to be a whip. Finish with a high snap if you’re hitting for accuracy, and for full power, your hitting shoulder finishes past your non-hitting shoulder.