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The Best Tie Off Knots For Tennis Racquet Stringing

The double half hitch knot is the most common tie off knot and is the simplest knot to learn. It is the knot you'll find in any guide to racquet stringing and is a great starting point for when you first start learning to string a racquet.

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This video demonstrates a couple of tie off knots that can be used for tennis racquet stringing. Note, these knots should not be used for starting knots.Not...

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I have described the most common knots used when stringing a tennis racket. There are four common tie of knots Wilson Pro knot, Parnell knot, two half hitch...

Tie off knot for tennis racket stringing

Tie off knot for tennis racket stringing patrick 1:21 PM Check out my NEW stringing techniques corner, where I find the best and most up to date information on racket stringing.

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Stringing Knots. There are a number knots used in stringing a racquet: Double half hitch knot. Starting knot. Pro Knot, also called the Richard Parnell Knot. Comprehensive list of stringing knots. Double Half Hitch Knot. The double half hitch knot is used to tie off the end of the string.

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Each frame will have 4 tie off holes, examine each and determine if any are worn. If you need to tube the whole because the grommet is worn than try to use the other side of the frame to tie-off your mains. (Only applies in one piece stringing). You will need to know this before installing any strings because you will have to adjust your short side so that you will be securing the knot on the opposite side of the damaged grommet.

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Tie a Parnell Knot for stringing your tennis racket. Take a look at this instructional video and learn how to tie a Parnell Knot. This knot is used for restringing a tennis racket when you're finishing up mains or crosses. Because of this, you don't want to pull tension directly to it.

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For beginners, the double half-hitch is best as it does a great job and is easy to tie with a bit of practice and by following simple guidelines. While many experienced stringers may use a “signature” knot of their own, it is hard to beat the utility of the double half-hitch. Remember O-U-T: Over, Under, and then Through.