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As mentioned, tennis elbow is a common work-related injury. Since it is a repetitive strain injury, certain movements may lead to tennis elbow if repeated on a daily basis for a long period of time, such as: Curling motion of arm.

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Tennis elbow is a common complaint among office workers. A lot of people, particularly those who work on their desks every day, use a mouse and a computer every single day.

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Athletes and weight-lifters also commonly experience elbow injuries. Straining or injuring the elbow ligaments or joints can be very painful and may require physical therapy, pain management, or even surgery. If you experience an elbow injury at work, see a doctor. Minor injuries can be managed with rest and ice. Elbow Injuries. There are several common types of work-related elbow injuries. Most injuries are caused by traumatic accidents or repetitive stress movements.

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You can use an ice pack, a bag of ice cubes, or even a bag of frozen peas. This will relieve the pain in your elbow in a pinch! To promote blood flow in the affected area, you can use a heat pack or a hot water bottle in combination with the ice packs.

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£10,000 Compensation For A Tennis Elbow Injury At Work. The specialist no win no fee solicitors who we work with at Legal Expert are specialists in helping people make successful personal injury claims in cases such as manual handling injury claims for tennis elbow.

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People whose jobs feature the types of motions that can lead to tennis elbow include plumbers, painters, carpenters and butchers. The pain of tennis elbow occurs primarily where the tendons of your forearm muscles attach to a bony bump on the outside of your elbow. Pain can also spread into your forearm and wrist.

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Tennis elbow is associated with jobs that require repeated or forceful movements of the fingers, wrist, and forearm. It can develop because of too much force at once or small amounts of force for too long a period. Specific movements associated with the development of tennis elbow include: simultaneous rotation of the forearm and bending of the wrist,

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Causes of Tennis Elbow on the Job. As was already mentioned, tennis elbow, also called elbow tendonitis, is a repetitive injury. It happens when you use the muscles and tendons over and over again. Jobs that require your arms to move in a frequent and repetitive motion make you at risk for tennis elbow.