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Heading in Soccer: How Dangerous Is It?

Heading is a soccer technique. A player hits the ball with their head to move it in a certain direction. They may head the ball toward another player, across the field, or into the opponent’s goal.

An Analysis Of Concussions In Soccer | The Neurologic ...

Soccer players may hit the ball with their head on average 6-12 times a game, and may practice heading the ball hundreds of times outside of the games. Although the most focus is on head injuries with high velocities and impacts, the role of repetitive subconcussive hits to the head continues to be questioned.

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Soccer head injuries: the 7 facts you need to know

5. Player-to-head collisions are the #1 cause. According to a University of Colorado study, more than 1 in 4 concussions occur when players used their heads to hit the ball. But more than half of these heading-related concussions were caused by collisions with another player rather than with the ball.

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Depends: It depends on the speed of the soccer ball when it hit your head, whether you blacked out, etc. If you suffered a concsussion, you may be experiencing a post-concussion headache. If no symptoms now, then continue to monitor. If you have any concerning symptoms, then see your physician.

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Several speakers noted that players who frequently head the ball tend to be aggressive players and their aggressiveness may make them more susceptible to head collisions with other players. Other frequent causes of concussions in soccer players are head collisions with other players or goalposts or falls where their heads hit the ground, according to Dr. Kirkendall.

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How to Head a Soccer Ball | Epic Sports

Engage your core, and let your whole upper body come forward to meet the ball. Keep your arms out for balance, but don't stick them out like a bird. Keeping your eyes open, hit the ball squarely with the forehead between the hairline and brow. Don't hit with the top or side of your head.

When Head Meets Soccer Ball, How Does Your Brain Fare?

Soccer players who frequently head-butt the ball—a commonly used tactic for passing or scoring in a game—may be risking brain injury, memory loss, and impaired cognitive ability, according to ...

Head Soccer 2 Player - Two Player Games

Head Soccer 2 Player is a combined game of soccer and volleyball. You can pick any of four soccer characters, and challenge your opponents. Each match takes 90 seconds and you are required to hit the ball towards opponent's side by using your head only. Each ball your opponent fails to recover will count as a "GOAL" for you.