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August 13, 2021. 0 3154. If your wondering if Zynga Poker is rigged I don’t blame you. While this is probably one of the coolest poker apps to play on your phone it can be pretty rough at times. There is nothing worse than shoving all in with pocket kings preflop and losing to a caller with jack ten off suit.

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Zynga poker is not about poker or competition, it’s about finding the people who are willing to pay for something that gives them nothing in return but entertainment value. Even with the games being “rigged” or rather “exaggerated”, I know quite a few players who grind it out and win more than they lose.

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Zynga poker is rigged, not for me only, for you, for everybody. Motherfuckers wanna make you buy their chips. That’s the whole plan. You may be a rather better poker player but they’ll let you lose insanely. So, if you have any poker merit, never try zynga poker. It’ll destroy your original game strength (if you have any).

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The question is simple - Is Zynga poker rigged? In this video, I discuss a lot of evidence to show that Zynga Poker could be in fact rigged, and not complete...

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PSA: Zynga Poker is rigged. Discussion. I am sure most of you already know this, but a Zynga insider back in 2012 confirmed the game is rigged. After about 10k hands of playing myself, I can confirm the nearly impossible happens quite often. A couple hands I played in last 2 days.

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Zynga’s not rigged against you or any single player. The game, however, is designed to appeal to poor players in order to keep them coming back. My guess is that Zynga is random, but programmed more like a video poker machine.

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some key excerpts form the article: "I don't want to turn this isn't an online poker is rigged thread but I don't think it is that conspiratorial to think Zynga may not deal random games. a) there ...

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A former Zynga dev has now confirmed that Zynga Poker is indeed rigged. In the exact ways many had predicted all along. http://winzyngapoker.wordpress.com/...er-officially-confirms-zynga-poker-is-rigged/ Some choice posts.

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Zynga are unashamed crooks, you used to be able to enjoy the gameplay at least for a few hours, or day. Now they simply do not allow you to win at all. It is all about their shareholders making...

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Zynga’s not rigged against you or any single player. The game, however, is designed to appeal to poor players in order to keep them coming back. What apps are associated with Zynga? To-date, more than one billion people have played our games across Web and mobile, including FarmVille, Zynga Poker, Words With Friends, Hit it Rich! What is Zinga?