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With a value of $1, $10, $50, and $100, a player needs to use seven white chips to make a $7 bet instead of just three; one $5 chip and two $1 chips. Again, there’s no official rule in valuing poker chips, but the tables below will help you define the values for each color.

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50 - $5,000 Chips. This is a good way to play tournament for 10 players in a 500 Chips Poker Set. Check out our tournament poker chips selection here Cash Game Style Cash game style is the natural form of poker. Where each player can buy in for any amount he wishes, capped by the game runner.

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Poker can be played with only two players. It is called heads-up. Here are the two player rules: The dealer is the small blind and the other player posts the big blind. Players take turns being the dealer. The first card is dealt to the player in the b ig blind. The Dealer goes first before the flop and the Big Blind goes first after the flop.

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500 point chips. You don't need many 500 point chips at all. We’d normally use 2 or 4 500 point chips per player. As the jump in value from 500 to 1,000 is so small they only serve as an ante chip later on - or as a change making chip.

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Just fill in the number of players, how many chips you have of each color the value for each chip and how many chips each player will get. The calculator will tell you how many of each color will be left after one buy-in and what the buy-in is. If chips left goes red, you need to buy more chips!

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For a normal game of poker at home (6-10 players), it is recommended that you have a suitcase with 500 poker chips. For less than 6 players, you can use 300 chips, but remember that at some point you may want to invite more players or try rebuy tournaments.

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The starting value of the chips on the table is $2000 (10 players X $200). During a typical game, the total value chips at the end of the game will be 2-3X the starting value. So, let’s figure out the extra chips needed if the value is up to 3X the starting value: 100 - $5 chips = $500. 20 - $25 chips = $500.

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The larger distribution of chips certainly offers more play for the poker buck. The annual $888 Crazy Eights (of course, sponsored by 888Poker.com) offers players 40,000 chips with 30-minute levels on Day 1 and then one-hour levels on Days 2-4.