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10 Basketball Drills for Guards (Shooting, Dribbling, and Layups)

Instructions: Start in the corner, on the 3-point line, with a basketball. You must make 3 shots from this position before moving on to the next one. The three shooting spots: a) left one-dribble pull-up b) right one-dribble pull-up c) catch and shoot jump shot There are 5 spots on the court ...

USA Basketball - The Definitive 6-Week Guard Workout

Stand in lane in athletic position between the blocks Partners kneels at top of key behind three point line with two basketballs Partner rolls one ball to either block Defensive slide to block, tap ball back to partner, slide back to starting position React to next roll and repeat

6 Critical Drills For Elite Guards (Or Aspiring Ones)

Here are 6 drills that will improve your shooting, finishing, footwork, defense, dribble moves, perimeter moves, and more. These are drills that you can do by yourself or with a partner. 1v1 Attack - Fast Break. This is a great drill to work on attacking on the defense and finishing in transition.

15 Basketball Guard Drills: Workout for More Buckets

Discover the best basketball guard drills 1. Ball pounds. Start off with a simple ball pound (aggressive dribble) in your dominate hand for 30 seconds. Then... 2. Figure eights. Quickly dribble the ball at ankle level. Remember to use your fingertips and keep your back as... 3. Pound and split. ...

Basketball Workouts Guards - Coaching Toolbox

The first drill is a toughness and finishing drill. Drill #2 is a drill for guards to work on scoring in the post. The third drill is a competitive shooting drill that works on the skill of penetrating and kicking for a shot. The final drill works on speed dribble while being chased from behind.

15 Best Basketball Footwork Drills for Guards

Basketball footwork drills for guards without a ball 1. Zig-zag. In order to make sure the ball handler stays in front, you have to be able to move your feet and body... 2. Crossover step & slide. The crossover step is a really effective way to make up ground when a ball handler is quicker... 3. ...

3 Basketball Workouts for Players Who Want to Dominate

A great basketball workout for all guards. Make shots shooting from the following specific distances: • 10 shots from 3 feet. • 5 shots from 5 feet. • 5 shots from 7 feet. Using your complete free-throw routine, make 5 free-throws. Make 10 shots from three different sets of movements.

Basketball Drills For Guards | Elite Basketball Secrets

Guards must be able to finish with both hands on both sides of the baskets. Work on jumping off two feet at once and by jumping off both the right and left feet individually. When players are ready, run a 2 on 1 drill where the guard penetrates and has another offensive player on the opposite side of the lane.

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