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The width and shape of the lane lines vary on different levels of the game. The lane lines also contain lane spaces markings used to align and separate the non-shooters. The first lane space, on both sides of the basket, are occupied by the opposing team from the free throw shooter.

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Court markings. Half-court line – Also called mid-court, the line that runs from sideline to sideline across the center of the court. Jump circles – There are 3 circles on the court: a center circle (CC) at half-court and a free throw circle (FTC) around the free throw line at each end.

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The shape and width can vary depending on the level of the game, but FIBA (International Basketball Federation) regulation changes in 2010 set it as a 4.9m by 5.8m rectangle. Some also include space markings to keep opposing players from obstructing the free throw shooter. Basketball court lines in feet and yards

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Sports Field and Athletic Track Marking and Striping Services. When you need fresh, bright lines and markings on your sports field or court, turn to the team at G-FORCE™. Our Veteran-owned and operated franchise locations are well-versed in a wide variety of athletic field markings. Using our state-of-the-art equipment with laser guidance and onboard computers, we are able to paint precise, consistent lines on nearly any field or court.

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Sport Lines has been the largest athletic field marking company in Arizona since 2004. We are here for your athletic field and court marking needs in Arizona! We have recently expanded our services to include California, Nevada and parts of Texas.

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Any shot made outside of the three point arc is worth three points instead of the normal two. The distance from the hoop to the three point arc varies for under different regulations: Basketball courts have a three-point arc at both baskets. The three point line is not part of the three-point field goal area.

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The Basketball Field library from the Basketball solution provides a complete set of ready-to-use predesigned vector courts: horizontally and vertically located, whole and half of court, colored and not, courts with views from different sides. All courts objects are designed according to the real basketball courts dimensions.

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In most high school associations in the United States, the distance is 19.75 feet. This was formerly the distance for college basketball as well. On May 26, 2007, the NCAA playing rules committee agreed to move the three-point line back one foot to 20.75 feet for the men. This rule went into effect for the 2008–2009 season.