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NBA Betting 101: Knowing the important sports-gambling terms

This is the simplest way to bet on basketball, and sports in general. Moneyline simply means betting on a team to win or lose — no point spread or Over/Under attached. For example, the Phoenix Suns and Denver Nuggets open their season at the Footprint Center on Oct. 20. Phoenix is favored by 5.5 points with the O/U point total landing on 224.5.

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Sag: When a defender moves away from their opponent toward the basket they are defending. Screen or screener: The offensive player who stands between a teammate and a defender to give their teammate the chance to take an open shot or drive to the basket. Scrimmage: Practice play between squads of one team.

Important Terms to Know When Betting on Basketball

Important Terms to Know When Betting on Basketball Totals. The second most popular method of wagering on basketball is in betting totals, also known as over/unders. Money Line Wagers. While betting against the point spread or on totals make up the vast majority of basketball wagers,... Parlays and ...

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The sign will then be followed by a number, which entails, how much money you can make. For example, a – sign followed by 165 means that you have to bet $165 to win $100, whereas a +140 means you will receive $140 for every $100 you bet. You can determine the winner by reviewing betting odds and the favorites-to-win.

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The more teams you bet, the greater the odds. Pick 'em: A game with no favorite or underdog. The point spread is zero, and the winner of the game is also the spread winner. Point spread (or just ...

Sports Betting Terms: Gambling 101 Glossary

Sports betting/gambling terms and definitions you need to know before wagering. ... If a basketball spread is 11 points and the final score is 120-109 spread bets on both teams are graded as a ...

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Cover – In sports such as football and basketball, a bettor wins their bet if they cover the point spread. For example, if you bet a 7-point favorite and they win by nine, you have covered the spread. Dime – A bet of $1,000. Dog – Short for underdog, this is the team which bookmakers assume will lose the game.

Sports Betting Terms: A Glossary For New Sports Bettors

Here’s a look at some common sports betting terms someone new to the game might need to place those bets – and hopefully cash a few tickets. Accumulator – This is similar to a parlay in that it involves a series of bets in one wager. Each of the bets must win in order for the wager to win.